We call this organization “UNLOCK LACROSSE” because I want to unlock the joy and confidence that can be found in lacrosse by removing comparisons to others and focus on what your OWN STRENGTHS are.

We “catch them being good.”

I seek this through attention to real skill development for kids from the late beginner up to the more experienced – separating the two into appropriate skill sessions to remove comparisons and let them just learn.

Kids who are interested in having a bit more offered to them in the off-seasons to keep gaining confidence.

We make sure to have a blast doing it.

– Does your child want to get better and needs to work on skills while understanding why they are done the way they are done?

– Does your child play in the spring and can’t do club lacrosse, or doesn’t want to do club lacrosse but still wants to continue to improve in the off season?

– Does your child like lacrosse, wants to feed their interest but feels behind compared to others?

– Did your child just start playing or maybe have been focused on other sports and feels like they’re “late to the game”?

– Didn’t make that club team or the “A” team? Or couldn’t because of commitments and now you’re wondering what is out there “for you?”

– Did you just move to your town and lacrosse wasn’t big where you were? Your child now likes it and wants more?

– When was the last time your child spent a whole practice with his or her stick in their weak hand, without worrying about dropping the ball in a drill.

Our Program is specifically tailored for kids who enjoy the sport, want to get better, but feel like they need a bit more focus purely on skills in the off-season.


Jon Hess is The Founder/Owner and Main Coach Instructor of Unlock Lacrosse

Jon is a Father of 3 who has coached both boys and girls at the youth Level for over 15 Years
A former 3X National Champion at Princeton
3X All-American
Division 1 Attackman of the Year
Ivy League Player of the Year
Final Four MVP

Major League Lacrosse All-Star

Most recently, Jon helped run Rye Youth Lacrosse’s 750 child program for a decade, serving as its President for the latter half of those years.