BYLA Fall Practice Info - Please Read Carefully

BYLA Families and Players,

We had another fantastic day of fall lacrosse last weekend. Thank you for your diligence and flexibility this year, as we need everyone’s help to make this a safe and successful season. We will be back on the field at Tibbetts on Saturday, October 24

Boys 1st thru 8th grade will practice 2 pm - 3 pm. 

Girls 1st thru 8th grade will practice 3:30 - 4:30pm 

Going forward, we would like everyone to wear a mask at practice. Our numbers the last two weeks have been outstanding, and it has occasionally proved challenging to enforce distancing between the kids. Under the NYS guidelines, when distancing is impossible (including because of the nature of the sport) players should wear face coverings except when they cannot be tolerated. As before, all coaches, managers and parent volunteers will wear masks at all times. 

We’ve had good compliance with waivers and COVID checks, but need to remind you of a few key health and safety policies

-We need a signed waiver for every player who is participating in BYLA this fall. This form only needs to be completed once. Players who have not handed in a signed copy of the waiver cannot participate in any BYLA practices. A copy of the waiver can be found on the BYLA website at the following link:https://bronxvillelacrosse.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/842/2020/09/BYLA_Release.pdf

-Each player must mark their availability in TeamSnap before attending BYLA practice. We are required by the State Department of Health to keep accurate attendance records for contact tracing purposes. 

Any player who has not marked their availability in TeamSnap by 11am cannot participate in BYLA practice.

-You must complete a daily COVID check for each player before each practice. Please access the COVID check through the TeamSnap app. Your COVID check must be completed by 11am on the day of practice. 

Any player who has not completed the COVID check by 11am cannot participate in BYLA practice. 

We do not need printed copies of the TeamSnap COVID check after you complete it on the app. For the safety of our coaches, managers and players we cannot accept paper copies of late COVID checks at the field.

-Please remember that all players and parents are required to wear masks when walking from their cars to the field.

-Also, please remember that all players should be fully dressed in their lacrosse gear when they arrive at the field.

-Unless you have a child in first or second grade, please leave the playing area during practice. If you have a very young child you may stay near the field, but please remember that you are required to wear a mask at all times.

-We have tried to create separation between practices so as to minimize overlap between sessions. We appreciate your help moving onto and off of the field and walkways as quickly as possible.

-Please familiarize yourself with this year’s BYLA Health & Safety Guidelines, which are posted on the website. We are doing our best to create a safe and fun environment for lacrosse play, but we need your help during this unusual year. We want to keep the kids safe, and we also risk losing the ability to use fields if we cannot enforce reasonable safety guidelines. 

Thanks again for your patience and cooperation. We are thrilled to have the kids back on the field!


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