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Good morning, proud parents.

On behalf of the entire BYLA I would like to extend a hearty “Congratulations!” to Varsity Boys and Girls for a wildly successful spring. The Boys defeated Cazenovia 13-10 on Saturday to capture their first State Championship in Lacrosse, which compliments nicely our Varsity Girls being first time Section and Region Champs this season.

Not since the glory days of Yorktown in the 80’s have both programs had this kind of success in one season, so I would personally like to acknowledge this huge achievement for our program and for our community.  They say “winning isn’t everything”, but this certainly does feel good. 

I also wanted to pass along Coach Hogan’s comments to LoHud after the game.

 “This win is for the whole town of Bronxville,” Horgan said. According to Broncos coaches and players, Bronxville — once a lesser-known lacrosse community — is now filled with young kids carrying their lacrosse sticks.

“Everybody has worked from top to bottom, getting the best coaches for the youth association, getting the kids to the best games growing up,” Horgan said. “They’ve done a phenomenal job so when the kids get to high school they know the X's and O's of the game. So then you just put them in your system and have them learn your system. It makes our job as coaches a lot easier."

"It's very cool," "I'm so happy for this group of guys and their families. The entire town of Bronxville has put in so much time with them in order to make the program what it is today."


Congratulations again to both teams and coaches.





by posted 06/10/2014
BYLA Spring Lacrosse Registration is Open!

Register today for BYLA Winter Lacrosse at All sessions take place indoors at the Underdome in nearby Mt. Vernon.
Bronxville Lacrosse Registration Now Open
Programs Are Available for All Grades, K thru 8
Visit and Register Today

Fellow BYLA Parents, 
Welcome all to the BYLA Spring 2014 registration. Here is a quick guide to get you going. 

Registration: Please go on-line now...registration is open for all grades, K-8. Please visit and register for the Spring LAX season today.  Once there, look to your left and click theeREGISTER ONLINE button at the top of the column.

US Lacrosse: As usual, BYLA's program insurance is provided through your individual, $25 annual memberships in US Lacrosse. For this reason, US Lacrosse Membership is mandatory in order to play for BYLA. No player will be allowed to participate in practice, games, clinics or tournaments without a valid US Lacrosse membership through August 2014. We require active USL membership through August in order to cover any late season activity as well as any summer camp activity (BYLA and other programs) so that our players are not "falling off the insurance grid" either mid-season or mid-summer. Our site is integrated with the USL site and you will be asked to do two transactions, one for USL and finally the registration for BYLA. If you are current with USL but your membership would expire before August 2014, USL will re-up your membership and credit you for time left on your current membership...i.e., you will not forfeit any membership time.

Grade participation: Grade participation sizes and spots available has been closely aligned with the field and coaching resources available to us. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality opportunity for all in the program. Grade level participation is not arbitrary but carefully thought out.  Should you have any questions about it please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it. 


2014 Girls Coordinator – Joanie Berkery 
Girls Kindergarten: Alec Parsons, John Sheehan, Katharine Outcalt
Girls 1: Scott Bacigalupo
Girls 2: Melinda Dempsey, Chris Martinelli & Scott Bacigalupo
Girls 3: Joanie Berkery & Sharon Robinson
Girls 4: Jason Alberghine, Joselyn Grafstein Mike Finley & Tom Sipple
Girls 5: Pam Intorcia with Melinda Dempsey, Katharine Outcalt & Jean Formato
Girls 6A: Christin Alicea with Susan Finch Moore
Girls 6B: Deana Welsch with Susan Finch Moore
Girls 7A: Nichole Locher with Ed Sondey
Girls 7/8 Senior: Pam Intorcia with Guy Corcoran
Girls 8A: Jackie Proch with Joanie Berkery

2014 Boys Coordinator – Brennan Warble
Boys Kindergarten: Guy Corcoran & Anthony Marciano
Boys 1: Peter McSherry & Scott Robinson
Boys 2: Dana Arrighi, Jon Atkeson, Brendan Dolan, Anthony Marciano, Alec Parsons & Tom Sipple
Boys 3: Erich Smith with Ed Sondey & John Doyle
Boys 4: Brendan Dolan, Chris Scotti, Dean Dakolias & John Sheehan
Boys 5: Jake Burns with Jon Atkeson & Peter McSherry
Boys 6A: Ryan Penner with Bill Miller
Boys 6B: George Rohonczy with Bill Miller
Boys 7A: Matthias McCall with Bill Gay 
Boys 7/8 Senior: Bryan Bagala & Erich Smith with Guy Corcoran
Boys 8A: Chris Hanlon & Max Garofalo with Jason Alberghine

This should be a smooth process and we are happy to help if needed. If you have any registration issues, please contact Murdoch McBride at 917-680-0782. 

We hope you have a great season!
BYLA Registration

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