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BYLA Spring 2017 Registration Now Open

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BYLA'S Spring 2017 Registration

Now Open


Hi everyone,

Registration for Spring lacrosse is open.  Please visit the BYLA web site for an overview of the program and to sign up. Just click the Register Online button on the left of the site.

Have a great season!

Ed Sondey, BYLA President




Jason Alberghine Memorial Tribute, Sunday, 19 March
Save the Date!
Working with both fellow BYLA parents and members of the Alberghine family, BYLA girls coach and board member Sharon Robinson is organizing the inaugural "BYLA Jason Alberghine Memorial Benefit," which will be held on Sunday, March 19 from 11AM-3PM. The youth oriented event will foster recognition of Jason Alberghine's contribution to the Bronxville lacrosse program over many years. Several details are still being determined, but the event will comprise two sessions, with girls and boys games running concurrently from 11AM-1PM, followed by a lunch break, and then again from 1PM-3PM. Concessions (food and drink) will be on sale throughout the event and during the lunch hour.
The basic format is a series of 4v4 games played the short way on Chambers Field.  We expect to have three games going at all times.  We are planning to include Grades 4-8 both girls and boys, but that can change, as well as the format (3v3, 5v5, etc.) based on the turnout.
Sharon welcomes help from BYLA parents with organizing and coaching the event, which she will supervise overall. Her plan involves four coaches for each grade--two each for girls and boys respectively.  The coaches will organize their kids into reasonably comparable teams of 5-7 players per team, and then coach the games. Many BYLA teams have multiple parent-coaches and the plan is to have at least two per grade. 

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Winter Registration Grades 1-8 & Spring Tryouts Grades 6-8


Online Registration

 Winter Lacrosse for Grades 1-2 & Grades 3-8

FREE BYLA Spring Tryouts for Grades 6-8


Sign up today!


In addition to our annual Spring Registration, the online registration for BYLA Winter Lacrosse remains open for Girls & Boys Grades 1-2 and for Girls & Boys Grades 3-8. In addition, BYLA's registration for the FREE BYLA Spring 2017 TRYOUTS for Girls & Boys Grades 6-8 also remains open. This registration for tryouts will help the coaches better organize and plan the upcoming Spring 2017 season. There are lots of details about the 2017 Spring Tryouts that are still being worked out and we will be sharing these as they become available…but meanwhile we are encouraging you to sign up early for the FREE TRYOUTS because it provides coaches with a database that they can begin working with. 


To sign up for these registration offers, visit and click the REGISTRATION button. Simply chose the program (or programs) that apply to your family.



Here are summaries for each of the program offers.


BYLA Winter League 2016-2017 (Grades 3–8) is open to all BYLA Girls and BYLA Boys in these grades. The focus is on having fun and building lacrosse skills, especially ahead of the spring lacrosse season. All program activities will take place on Saturday mornings from 10AM–1PM at the Underdone in Mount Vernon. This 11-week session (no lacrosse on December 24 and December 31 due to holidays) runs December 3, 10 & 17; January 7, 14, 21 & 28; and February 4, 11, 18 & 25. Boys Grades 6-8 will meet 10AM Saturdays; Girls & Boys Grades 3-5 will meet at 11AM and Girls Grades 6-8 will meet at 12PM. The program fee for BYLA Winter League 2016-2017 Grades 3-8 is $300 per player.



BYLA Winter Lacrosse 2016-2017 (Grades 1-2) is for Girls & Boys in these grades. This seven-session program is the perfect opportunity for Girls and Boys to check out lacrosse and begin to develop their skills in the sport. The emphasis is on having fun and getting an introduction to lacrosse. All Grade 1-2 winter sessions will be held indoors at the Bronxville School’s Blue Gym. Session dates are December 17; January 7, 14, 21 & 28; and February 4 & 11. Boys Grades 1-2 will meet in the Blue Gym at 2PM on Saturdays and Girls Grades 1-2 will meet in the Blue Gym at 3PM Saturdays. Although there will be a practice on January 14 (Martin Luther King Day), there will be no practice on either February 18 (Presidents Day) or February 25 (the end of school break, which means no access to the school's Blue Gym). The program fee for BYLA Winter Lacrosse (Grades 1-2) is $150.



FREE BYLA Spring TRYOUTS, (Grades 6-8) is an early registration intended to establish how many players plan on trying out next spring and to give coaches a head start on season planning. Exact dates and times for the tryouts are TBD and final details will be communicated to all our registrants by the coaches. So far, it looks like tryouts are tentatively planned on March 4 for Girls & Boys in Grades 6, most likely from 10AM-1PM. Time and location TBD. Grades 7-8 will have two tryouts, one on Sunday, January 29 (7AM-9AM) and another on Sunday, February 5 (4PM-6PM). Exact details TBD, including the time split between the Girls Tryouts and the Boys Tryouts. 


Coaches: The relationship between a player and a coach is critical to the development of a young person in any sport. BYLA is proud of the depth of experience and the level of commitment demonstrated by both our professional and our parent coaches. All of us at BYLA are particularly happy to be welcoming back many of our popular coaches for the coming seasons, and we will be posting coach bios in the next few weeks. Look for updates right here at


We hope you have a great season!





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BYLA Age-Based Player Segmentation Policy

To:     BYLA Members                                                                            11 November 2016
From: Ed Sondey, BYLA President

Subject: BYLA Age-Based Player Segmentation Policy

As some of you have heard, US Lacrosse is moving to an age-based player segmentation policy for youth programs to increase safety and fairness. I anticipate that this policy eventually will apply to all youth and club team programs. The primary league in which we play, CONNY, has adopted this policy for the Spring 2017 season and requires all teams that play in the CONNY league to comply.

The BYLA board has decided to comply with the CONNY policy starting with the Spring 2017 season. BYLA will continue to organize teams by grade but we’ll also apply an age filter such that no player is older than the designated one-year age range for each team.  

A grid showing each grade and respective age range is included here and will soon be posted on the BYLA web under the DOCS tab on the left margin of the site.

Age segmentation: The one-year period for each team runs from September 1 through the following August 31. Players born before their grade's oldest birthday cut-off must play up on the next-oldest team. Players born after their grade's youngest birthday cut-off have the option to play with their grade or bump down to the next-lower grade.

K-4: BYLA and CONNY have decided not to enforce this policy until Grade 5.  Players in grades K-4 can elect to comply, or "play down" and remain on their current team with the plan to move up starting in Grade 5.  BYLA recommends against that approach because it delays the inevitable and will make the ultimate switch harder–out of compliance, fourth graders would step up to the Grade 6 age window for the following year–but that choice can be made by each player and their parent(s).

Grade 8: The cut off for Grade 8 was moved back to March 1 of the preceding season, and CONNY will have a process to allow even older players to seek waivers for that year.  It’s possible some players will play for two years on the BYLA Grade team.

Winter: Affected players can choose to play up during the Winter session or to remain with their current grade-based team.  Next year, we’ll enforce the age screen for Winter (for Grade 5–Grade 8).

Verification: CONNY will require grade and age declaration at the time of team registration. For now, BYLA will not be verifying compliance with this new policy.  But we and CONNY take the new policy seriously and ask anyone affected to be fair and play by the rules. Failure to comply will be considered a violation of our Code of Conduct and may expose the league to further sanction by CONNY. 


BYLA 2017 Birthdate Range Guideline

BYLA is a member league of CONNY, which governs US Lacrosse (USL) play in certain Connecticut and New York regions. The following Birthdate Range Guideline was established by CONNY to ensure that players are assigned to GRADE-based teams appropriately with regard to their chronological AGE. The Birthdate Range Guideline was deemed necessary by CONNY in order to address those few cases where meaningful differences in AGE exist in a given GRADE; however, since the majority of BYLA players are already matched by AGE and GRADE, most families will not be affected. BYLA will continue to run its programs based on GRADE, but all BYLA teams will be rostered according to the following Birthdate Range Guideline.


Senior                        8                14U            1 March 2002–31 August 2003

Senior                        7                13U            1 September 2003–31 August 2004

Junior                        6                12U             1 September 2004–31 August 2005

Junior                        5                11U             1 September 2005–31 August 2006

Lightning                  4*              10U              1 September 2006–31 August 2007

Lightning                  3*                9U              1 September 2007–31 August 2008

Bantam                 K-2*           8U & 6U           1 September 2008–31 August 2011


• Players born before their grade’s oldest eligible birthdate must play up on the next oldest grade team. Eighth graders born before 1 March 2002 may petition to play with their grade and, except in extraordinary circumstances, such a petition should be granted.

• Players born after their grade’s youngest eligible birthdate have the option to play with their grade or with the next lower grade.

For reference only. CONNY will not enforce birthdate ranges for these grades.

Ed Sondey
President, BYLA





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