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BYLA Fall Ball 2016: Registration is Now Open

Fellow BYLA parents and players please note schedule clarification below: We meet on Sundays, Sept 11—Nov 13. For a map to Tibbets Grass (Playing Fields) check out the following link—

The registration for the BYLA 2016 Fall Ball Program is now open. We are enthused to be offering Fall Ball, which is intended to be a standard program here in Bronxville. The focus of Fall Ball is the development of skills and we hope you all enjoy the benefits of participating with us this season. 

Program Details:

• Program Focus: The development of lacrosse skills is the program focus. 

• Grades: The BYLA 2016 Fall Ball program is open to BYLA girls and boys, Grades 1-8. 
• Schedule/Duration: The 10-week program runs Sundays from September 11--November 13.
• Time/Place: Sunday 7:30 AM—9:00 AM on Tibbetts Grass/Playing Fields. One field for boys, one field for girls. The Tibbetts Grass/Playing Fields comprise the large fields at the southernmost tip of Tibbetts Brook Park, which lie just east of the Saw Mill River Parkway. Go downhill from the Tibbetts entrance on Midland Avenue and make a sharp left turn following the "All Picnics" sign, which is immediately to your left by the little admissions booth gate in the middle of the road. Follow the paved road for 4/10ths of a mile to reach the Tibbetts Grass/Playing Fields—they are located past Parking Lot 2, past Parking Lot 3 and past the Boating Lake on the right.   
• Coaches: A coach will be hired for each of the programs, one for the girls and one for the boys. Parent and high school coaches will be used on a supplemental  basis.
• Equipment: All players must provide their own equipment. Mouth guards are required for all players without exception.

• Cost: The registration fee for the program is $150.

• Requirements: All players must be current members of US Lacrosse in order to register. 


Please visit the registration offer for the Fall Ball program on this site by clicking the Registration button on the left column of this page.

We hope you enjoy the season!



Register for Scrimmage in Scarsdale; BYLA Girls 7/8

Attention BYLA Girls 7th/8th Players and Parents: Please see

below. We have opened a registration offer for the Sept. 24 BYLA Girls 7/8 Scrimmage at Scarsdale.

Registration for the FREE BYLA Scrimmage at Scarsdale (BYLA Girls 7/8) 

There will be a FREE BYLA Girls 7/8 Scrimmage at Scarsdale on September 24, in Scarsdale. The scrimmage will take place at the Scarsdale Middle School, with warm-ups at 10:00 (10AM) and actual play starting at 10:30 (10:30AM). Please register online now and your coaches will send confirmations and additional info ASAP.

What: BYLA Girls 7 Scrimmage at Scarsdale, September 24, 2016

Location: Scarsdale Middle School

Team and Time:    BYLA Girls 7/8 scrimmages Scarsdale at 10:30. Warm-up at 10:00.

Requirements: Full equipment (including mouth guards) required. All registrants must be valid members of USA Lacrosse. This means that while the BYLA program is offered FREE, registrants must be up to date with their USA Lacrosse membership. Your USL membership can be paid while registering online with BYLA. 

Cost: This program is offered at NO CHARGE.

BYLA Girls 7/8 players should register for this scrimmage online here at ASAP.


by posted 09/20/2016

by BYLA posted 09/18/2016
Stick Check!

With Fall Ball sessions fully under way, this is a good time for each BYLA player to make sure that the stick they are using is in good playing condition and properly sized. Players and their parents are encouraged to check the stick to ensure that all strings are firmly tied, that no strings are frayed or broken, that the head is not cracked or loose on the shaft, that the shaft is not bent or damaged, and that the shaft has a firmly attached end cap.

Click here for a video tutorial to help boys and their parents learn about proper stick size and whether or not a stick is legal.

And here are two video tutorials to help girls and their parents:

How to find the correct length for a girl's stick

How to make sure the pocket on a girl's stick is legal

Girls should frequently check the string that connects the pocket to the top of the head.

This string often gets frayed - as in the picture above - by girls picking up ground balls. If this string breaks the stick will be nearly unusable so always make sure the string is in good condition.

Always feel free to ask a coach if you have any questions about sticks or need help fixing them.


by BYLA posted 09/18/2016
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